Products you ought to buy for your pet puppy

It is great to find products that suit your dog, and these are available in a wide range. When you visit any pet shop, department store or a big-box retailer, you will notice aisles of quality foods and treats, toys of different sizes and shapes, plush beds and doggy fashion. You may be tempted to spend a lot on your new pup. However, as a start, you can get the following items so that your pup will feel at home on his arrival.

Collar and leash

When you bring home your new puppy, he will need a collar. It may either be plain or fancy. What is important is that it can hold the dog license plus identification tag, which contains your contact details. The collar can be attached to the leash, which you will use to walk your pup.

You can use an adjustable nylon type of collar with a 2-piece buckle for the first few months. Make sure that the collar fits securely, so it will not get removed, but it should not fit too tightly as well, allowing your two fingers to fit between the pup’s neck and collar. When your pup becomes older, you will have to buy many collars since he will outgrow them.

The leash, when attached to the collar, lets you have control while walking or training your dog to be obedient. The leash should be made of strong and quality material – just like the hardware that connects the leash to the collar. It should have an easy to grip loop so it will be comfortable to hold. A 4-ft. leash is ideal for your puppy, but you need longer leashes during obedience training.

Crates and containment

As a puppy owner, you should have crates and containment devices to keep your pet in a confined area where he can be monitored and housetrained. You will need a dog carrier or crate whenever you travel, and a playpen, exercise pen or gate when your pup is at home.

Crates and carriers are available in different materials, such as fiberglass, plastic and stainless steel. While durable stainless steel crates are long lasting, lightweight fiberglass and plastic ones are safer and more secure for your puppy when traveling by land or air.

Make sure that the crate or carrier you choose allows your pup to stand, lie, move around and stretch inside. While dogs like to stay in a den-like space, they need room just enough to feel comfortable.

Dog bed

Your puppy would like to sleep in a comfortable bed, especially on his first night. However, he will have to sleep in a crate or kennel when being housetrained. To keep your dog warm and cozy while sleeping, it is best to get a smaller or bumper bed with fleece or sheepskin cover designed for that purpose.

Once your puppy is done with training, and transfers from the crate to his dog bed, you can choose from a variety of pillows, cushions, couches and even mattresses with memory foam, to complement your home decorations. If you want an environmentally-friendly option, consider beds stuffed with recycled materials -such as soda bottles or repurposed cotton. There are also beds stuffed with cedar chips that are odor-proof and insect-proof. A small to medium bed is just the right size to provide her with comfort and security.

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