Using Mini Tents for marketing – The sky is the limit

When you own a food business, it is essential to keep your customers updated with your latest menu choices, special offers, discounts and exclusive desserts or drinks. In addition, you have to promote new ideas to improve your restaurant’s overall revenue. One of the proven ways to achieve this goal is by using table mini tents to convey your messages.

Table tents also prove to be helpful in retail shops, especially when placed on desks of sales personnel, where potential customers speak with your sales people.

In this article, you will read about 5 excellent ways to use table tents for marketing your retail store business or restaurant. Mini tents can be used as marketing tools to help build awareness about your products/services by letting you broadcast your new products, bestsellers and special offers as well as discounts.

Promote your bestselling dishes

Restaurants have a number of food dishes that are often ordered by customers. Since mini tents are placed where customers can easily see them – on the table – you could use the tent to remind clients about the dishes they like best.

Add about 3 to 4 bestselling dishes and place them on the tents in a way that can strike the attention of customers. This strategy encourages them to order some of their favorite food dishes.

Point out your special offers on a daily or weekly basis

One of the most important benefits of mini tents is that it makes it easy to change the message you want to communicate to your customers. All you have to do is change the printed message to market your products.

Just change the message on the tents every week or every other week to announce special promos or your menu for the week and events to come. Offering a special food dish each day helps attract both old and new customers.

Upsell with the use of drinks and deserts

When you offer several different drinks and desserts, you can upsell them to add more to the bill on every table by bringing this to the attention of diners in an interesting way. A way of doing it is by having an exclusive menu, which gives a description of your drinks, desserts and appetizers for every table. This way, your customers are informed of your new food items while boosting the average revenue per table.

Allow financing of your products through the sales counter

Aside from using mini tents in restaurants and bars, retailers can use them as an effective marketing tool. If ever you are selling pricey products like furniture or electronic gadgets, consumers often look for financing options. You can use these mini tents to promote your idea.

Make a brochure, where you can describe your financing scheme and then place it on top of sales desks. Every time potential customers talk to your sales staff, the latter will inform them about the available financing options.

Announcing special offers as well as big discounts

Perhaps the most effective way for your restaurant to attract more customers and boost the revenue on every table is by providing special offers. You could give discounts on some items on your menu and encourage customers to order them by presenting special offers such as buy one get one deals.

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Should you buy a pop-up tent for your cat?

Pop-up tents are available in different prices, ranging from expensive, high-quality travel cat tents to affordable ones for indoor or backyard use. You most certainly can find a cat tent that will meet your needs (and that of your cat), as well as your budget. Pet tents give many advantages:

  • Cats like to sleep in isolated areas. A tent provides your cat with a peaceful, quiet and private place to stay.
  • Portable tents are practical to use when traveling. Some tents are made specifically for use inside a vehicle and outdoors.  They can be used by both dogs and cats.
  • Majority of tents for sale are light and flexible. These features are best for travelling with your pet. These tents can be easily cleaned, moved around and stored.
  • If you do not have the budget to buy a cat house or enough space in the backyard to accommodate it, get a cat tent. It will give your outdoor cat a place to sleep and relax in. A tent can protect your cat from the elements. Moreover, it can be easily stored if not in use.
  • Cat tents can be used inside the house.
  • There are many pet tents that are collapsible. You can fold them flat for quick storage. These tents save on space.
  • Pet tents are easy to assemble and put aside. The easiest among them are pop-up tents.
  • To add more fun, some cat tents have dangling toys for the kitty to play with.

As can be seen, pet tents can be a very practical furniture piece.

Points to take into consideration in choosing a cat tent:

  • When you choose a tent, there are different factors to think about. You can decide on buying a tent because it is more affordable, or because it complements your style. So, price and design are major factors in choosing a tent.
  • One more factor to keep in mind is the size of the pet tent. If your cat is large, it will need a larger space to move inside.
  • You will also need to consider the material it is made of. You may need a lighter pet tent to be used indoors or a more durable tent for the outdoors.
  • If you want to take your kitty along when traveling, you need to buy a tent that is ideal for traveling. Pets can become very nervous while traveling.

More tips to help you decide on the best tent

  • It should be waterproof. This is particularly important when the tent will be used outdoors.
  • It must be easy to clean.
  • A cat tent should be light, flexible and portable.
  • If you want a more durable tent, choose a tent made from long-lasting materials.
  • Should give your cat enough ventilation.

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Things to prepare for your dog when going camping

Leash and Collar

It is very important to ensure that your dog would not bother other campers finding time to enjoy their stay out in the woods. Make your dog use a well fit collar and leash so you can both walk around the campsite. Even if dogs are behaved whenever you take them along, use a leash so they know their limits. It can be quite difficult to keep your pet on a leash since dogs often end up getting wrapped around a picnic table or tree. However, if your dog wanders a lot, you may face the chance of being forced to leave the camping ground.

Bowls, Beddings and Crate

It is obvious that you have to pack food not only for yourself but your dog as well. I always make it a point to measure each doggie meal and put each in different baggies. This makes it easy to feed them. Aside from packing pet food, take along some portable dog dishes and water bowls.

When you know that your dog will stay outdoors more often than a regular day at home, see to it you give enough water and a shady resting area. Dogs are more prone to overheating and this can be critical when not treated immediately.

As for their bedding, there are dogs that remain warm during the night even when temperatures go down. However, smaller dogs or those with not much hair can easily feel cold overnight inside a tent. So, pack an additional blanket so your dog will stay warm. Whether or not they are trained to use a crate, it is practical to bring a portable dog beg to provide them with some sense of security.

Medication and Shots

When you are taking a trip and will take your dog with you, make sure your pet does not miss out on his vaccinations and heartworm medication.

If ever your dog is under medication, see to it that you have a sufficient supply and it is placed in a container, which your dog cannot open. Most medications come in pill form and are given as some kind of treat/food. Pills can be easily included in hot dogs and fed to them so if your pet takes pills, try this technique.

Leaving Your Camping Area Clean

Though you are camping outdoors, which is probably in the woods, this does not necessarily mean that you can leave your dog’s droppings behind. When you go camping, always remember to leave the area clean just as you found it.

Simply Bury Or Place Them Inside A Bag.

Be the responsible pet owner who always cleans up after your dog.

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Mini Display Tents – Ways to make Your Offline Ads Be More Effective

A lot of online users make it a habit to click on the ads that suddenly appear on their browser windows. In today’s digital age, how can you guarantee that your offline ads are gaining the same foothold? Consider a number of the most effective strategies when using mini display tents:

Include a Call to Action

Make sure that your offline promotion has a call to action and a means to track it. This way, you would be aware of the developments offline, allowing you to assess whether this ad is worth your while.

Initiate Offline Ads for Web Conversations

Offline campaigns require an online tool. This is an assurance of a way to translate offline prospects into online sales. To do this, add a landing page URL with a special offer, as well as a form to obtain the contact information of visitors. When visitors do not purchase anything, but want to be included in your email list, there is always a chance to start a relationship and join in your list of buyers.

Be Selective

Many people display their ads just about anywhere, including mini display tents, billboards and subways. It is important to select where to place ads to make sure that you target your customer base. To start with, it would be important to concentrate on one offline channel so you will be able to assess the performance and ROI of the ad performance.

Keep It Simple

Focus on a particular thing that you want viewers to acquire from your ads, and supply information to drive that action. When you want to build awareness of your brand, provide the info that will make the viewers know more about your brand. While your products/services may provide different benefits, only aim at the primary objective of the advertisement. Sending too many messages may be confusing and may not stick to a viewer’s memory.

Use Online Analytics to Track Efficiency

It is quite difficult to track response metrics straight from many forms of offline promotion, but you can measure the results of their performance. You can use online analytics to track the way offline campaigns perform. This can be done by means of dedicated pages, URLs specific to the campaign or measurement of direct as well as organic traffic at all stages of the campaign.

Test everything

Nobody knows exactly what will stick to the memory of consumers. So, try to create a variety of calls to actions, messages and graphics. This way, you will discover the best combination that would work with users. Since offline ads posted on mini display tents can not be tracked through clicks, unique phone numbers have to be used in all ad variants to test which one is the most effective.

Where did customers find you?

No matter what medium you use for advertising, it is important to know how customers have come to know about you, then add this in the steps of the sales and post-sales process. Every time customers sign up, the very first thing you should know is how they discovered you, while setting up the activation.