Things to prepare for your dog when going camping

Leash and Collar

It is very important to ensure that your dog would not bother other campers finding time to enjoy their stay out in the woods. Make your dog use a well fit collar and leash so you can both walk around the campsite. Even if dogs are behaved whenever you take them along, use a leash so they know their limits. It can be quite difficult to keep your pet on a leash since dogs often end up getting wrapped around a picnic table or tree. However, if your dog wanders a lot, you may face the chance of being forced to leave the camping ground.

Bowls, Beddings and Crate

It is obvious that you have to pack food not only for yourself but your dog as well. I always make it a point to measure each doggie meal and put each in different baggies. This makes it easy to feed them. Aside from packing pet food, take along some portable dog dishes and water bowls.

When you know that your dog will stay outdoors more often than a regular day at home, see to it you give enough water and a shady resting area. Dogs are more prone to overheating and this can be critical when not treated immediately.

As for their bedding, there are dogs that remain warm during the night even when temperatures go down. However, smaller dogs or those with not much hair can easily feel cold overnight inside a tent. So, pack an additional blanket so your dog will stay warm. Whether or not they are trained to use a crate, it is practical to bring a portable dog beg to provide them with some sense of security.

Medication and Shots

When you are taking a trip and will take your dog with you, make sure your pet does not miss out on his vaccinations and heartworm medication.

If ever your dog is under medication, see to it that you have a sufficient supply and it is placed in a container, which your dog cannot open. Most medications come in pill form and are given as some kind of treat/food. Pills can be easily included in hot dogs and fed to them so if your pet takes pills, try this technique.

Leaving Your Camping Area Clean

Though you are camping outdoors, which is probably in the woods, this does not necessarily mean that you can leave your dog’s droppings behind. When you go camping, always remember to leave the area clean just as you found it.

Simply Bury Or Place Them Inside A Bag.

Be the responsible pet owner who always cleans up after your dog.

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